Monday, July 25, 2011

Photography in the Park

Today, I had some different forms of inspiration!  I'm OBSESSED with taking pictures!  However, I have been on a school overload since this is my final year and am trying to take a lot of classes in order to get done by next spring, so I haven't taken pictures in a long time.  I decided to go out and brave the heat in order to get some fresh air and to lay in the cool grass, and while I was out I took some pictures!  I've been wanting to get some photos of my engagement ring since I got engaged last month, and finally did-it's amethyst (I'm also obsessed with purple!) and diamonds on white gold.  Here's my pics:


  1. Your ring is SOOOO gorgeous! Love the photos of nature too.

  2. those pictures are gorgeous and your ring is stunning!

  3. Thanks!!! :) I want to keep taking pictures more often now that I got back in the swing of it