Saturday, July 23, 2011

First Week of the Young Engaged/Marrieds Ministry

As promised, I'm writing my day-after report!  Garrett and I had an absolutely fabulous time at the ministry!  As I mentioned in my previous blog post, we were very nervous since neither of us are great at initiating friendships since we are both very shy.  Fortunately everyone there were very nice, and they welcomed us and started up conversations with us as soon as we walked in the door!  Everyone there had already previously done a session of this particular ministry, so they all knew each other pretty well, and were very eager to welcome us into their circle!

Most of the couples there were already married, but many of them told us that it was great we were going while being engaged since you learn so many valuable relationship lessons in the ministry that will make your marriage strong and more in tune with the Lord's intentions for your marriage.  Garrett and I agree with them that it's great we have a ministry like this to go to while engaged, for we feel that our relationship will be on a new, deeper level by the time we get married.  I also think that by learning about marriage from this ministry that by the time our wedding comes around Garrett and I will be able to better have our relationship be one bond between Garrett, myself, and God, rather than our relationship being three seperate bonds (mine and Garrett's, Garrett's and God's, and mine and God's). 

Pastor Tony (who's leading the ministry) gave a very short but sweet message about what integrity means, and about how integrity is essential in our marriages in order to have complete trust in one another and thus have stronger bonds/families.  The message was pretty short since the first week was mostly mingling/meet-and-greet.  And in the meet-and-greet I already got invited to be a part of a Woman's Bible Study that the women in the young engaged/marrieds ministry do.  I look forward to next week's message and getting to know my new friends better!


  1. Thanks for sharing!! Like I've said to you, it's quite a journey. Always remember the passion that entered your hearts when you decided to give your life to him!

  2. I am so glad you are plugged into this group! You will find it to be very beneficial for your relationship and yes, to have to built upon the Lord. Look forward to hearing how the meetings go throughout the weeks ahead. LOVE you!

    Soon to be sister

  3. Thanks for both of your words of encouragement. Mommy G--what's ironic about your comment is that the name of the ministry group is actually called "Plugged In" lol