Friday, September 2, 2011

Please Help Me Help Others!

As most of you know, I am in my last year of college and am wanting to pursue a career as a counselor (i.e. family counselor, victims of domestic violence, etc.).  One of the first steps in becoming a counselor, as required by the state, is to attend a state-certified 40hrs domestic violence training.  However, the training does cost $200 that I need to try to raise by Sep. 14th.  THere are other training dates next year, but I am wanting to take the soonest possible one so I can start volunteering with victims of domestic violence, as this would be an invaluable experience, and this is an issue that is extremely close to my heart.  Any amount of money to help me towards the $200 would be a huge help, or even positive words of encouragement are always nice! :)  Here's the link to donate:

Once you go to paypal, you can say you're going to donate to "friends and family", and then donate to my email address:  Or, if you know my address you can always send a check to if that preferable.  :) 

Thank you everyone and God bless!

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  1. Hi Jessica, you are halfway to your goal now. It was easier for me to transfer $ to Garrett's ID BoA account (well, it's yours now too, right?). Sounds like a great opportunity and I'm glad I can help you out.

    Love, Mom#2