Friday, September 9, 2011


I've been pretty bad about updating my blog the past few weeks since I had finals for my summer classes, then got married the next week, then started my first week of my fall semester!  So things have been a little crazy.  Although I don't have a whole lot to write about at the moment, I did want to take the time to reflect on a few things.

What has been amazing me since this summer began are all the many ways God has blessed my life.  I normally would focus on the major blessings in my life (i.e. how I'm able to afford school, how I have a loving family, Garrett being in my life, etc.), but I've been fortunate enough to notice the numerous amount of blessings in my life-even the seemingly small ones.  I've been feeling so full of God's love lately, and have been feeling closer than ever to Him!  I have little conversations with him constantly throughout the day, and have been thanking Him for when I notice a blessing in my life, which has been keeping me very happy and optimistic in these hectic times of my life!

Continually thanking Him and talking to Him everyday has been amazing-I now more than every realize He is my best friend.  Even more recently, I've been so thankful to God for blessing mine and Garrett's marriage so much in just the two weeks we've been husband and wife.  We've been financially stable, we've been praying together since we got married a lot more than ever before, we both have loving families, we have a great group of other married couples at church we get to have fun with and enjoy God with, and we have an amazing, very loving relationship with each other!  Something Garrett and I have noticed are in short supply in the world today--especially in SoCal! 

Garrett and I are very excited to experience the upcoming big journeys and changes in our lives, and are also very excited to find out more of what God has planned for our marriage. I have my college graduation coming up in 9 months, Garrett and I are planning on moving to North Idaho after my graduation, and we still have our big wedding celebration with our families next June, too!  Until we get a little closer to going through those big journeys in our lives, in the meantime I'll be taking lots of classes, Garrett will still be going to work at Kaiser, we'll both get to spend time going to church and our church ministry (I'm gong to be part of an upcoming Priscilla Shrier women's Bible study in late Sep), I'm going to be going through the state-required domestic violence counseling training, and Garrett and I will continue to have many Disneyland date-nights!

God Bless!

Love, Jess


  1. oh i love this!!! congratulations on your recent marriage too!!! married life is soo amazing!!! (: I have now been married for 3 weeks. (:
    It is sooo great to hear how close you are getting to the Lord, that is wonderful! Blessings to you and your husband!

  2. The next 9 months will fly by I'm sure...but I can't wait for you to move up here! I just saw the trailer for that dolphin movie and told Gordon that YOU'D see it with me if you already lived here--LOL! He won't go with me--boo hoo. So hurry up and move up here, will ya?

  3. Thanks! Congrats on yours too Monica!

    And yes, I'm hoping the next 9 months will fly by, I'm getting bad senioritis! And I want to see the dolphin movie too! lol

  4. YEA!! I am so thankful to have you are my sister! :)I am so happy to hear how wonderful life is going right now...what an amazing time in your life to be newly married. You will never forget these moments:)