Monday, October 10, 2011

Love So Amazing

I don't have a ton of time at the moment for I'm off to go teach Chapel on Wheels, but felt a great urge to write a quick post.

This morning, I really wanted to center myself and spend some quite time with God this morning to prepare me for teaching today and so I can get a relaxing start to another hectic week.

I turned on some relaxing music, and layed on my couch and just spoke to God in my head.  Then, I really felt like picking up my Bible.  However, I didn't feel the need to pick it up to read it, instead, I just picked it up and while I was talking with God I just ran my fingers across the pages and over His words and flipped through them.  I kept doing this for a really long time-I was sort of in a trance.

Then I got teary eyed because I felt so much happiness from this and was very strongly feeling His love towards me.  While I was holding my Bible, the reason I felt so mesmorized by His words were because I kept thinking "I can't believe how much He loves me...this book is His like His love letter to me.  He didn't have to give us so much information about His promises, but He chose to out of His grace.  I can't believe all the things He's done for me.  I just can't believe someone I can't even see loves me so much." 

It just seemed so amazing to me that the Bible...the best-selling book in the world...was written out of His love and with each and everyone of us in mind.  THAT is pretty amazing.

And what's also pretty amazing, is that at church and Bible studies, so are surrounded by people who also know His amazingness.  Thank you God, for your love!